Why parents choose SplashLearn for their Year 2 Children?

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Relate Subtraction to Addition (Think Addition Strategy)

- Year 2 Maths

First graders have already learned to subtract using pictures and by counting backwards. This fun game helps them consolidate their understanding by illustrating how subtraction and addition are related. Children understand that addition and subtraction are inverse operations and view subtraction as an unknown addend problem. For example, 9 − 7 = ? can be viewed as 7 + ? = 9.

What’s inside?

- Accomplish subtraction with the help of part-part-whole models.

- Construct and complete related addition and subtraction facts involving 3 numbers (fact families).

Real-World Application

Relating addition and subtraction creates mental images of the operation. This build fluency, making mental math easy.

What’s next?

Now that children are familiar with the idea of subtraction, they can move on to learning subtraction of numbers within 10, without the help of pictures or number lines.