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Missing Numbers from Addition and Subtraction Sentence

- Year 2 Maths

Now that our first graders are comfortable with fact families, it’s time to shake things up a bit. Designed to build fluency and intuitiveness in basic addition and subtraction, this missing numbers game helps Grade 1 children understand the relationship between addition and subtraction.

What’s inside?

- Identify the missing numbers (addends, subtrahends or minuends) in addition and subtraction sentences using visual models.

- Find the missing part or missing whole in a part-part-whole model supported with pictures.

- Proceed to identify the missing numbers in addition and subtraction sentences without visual help.

Real-World Application

Children solve missing number problems every day and as often as we do. They are actually solving a missing number problem when they calculate how many more chocolates they can eat if they have had one and are allowed only two a day.

What’s next?

Up till now, children would have mastered the fact families and would now be able to guess missing numbers in addition and subtraction sentences. The first graders can next move on to learning addition and subtraction strategies. This prepares them to perform addition and subtraction with bigger numbers.

Cool Fact

Do you know addition and subtraction are opposite of each other? When you add 1+1, the sum is 2. This is addition. When you take away 1 from 2, you undo the addition performed earlier. This is subtraction.