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Double Facts within 10

- Year 2 Maths

Having learned to add numbers within 10, first graders can build on their understanding of addition with this doubles facts game. Internalizing these facts helps children build fluency in single-digit addition. Pictures, drag and drop features, addition sentences - all of these make your child’s experience much more entertaining and comprehensive than a regular worksheet can provide.

What’s inside?

- Double numbers using pictures.

- Understand addition sentences and double numbers without pictures.

Real-World Application

Fluently doubling numbers helps us process simple addition problems easily. For example, when children realise that 5 + 7 is also 5 + 5 + 2, the addition becomes way simpler. The ability to form such mental models enables children perform basic math mentally.

What’s next?

Now that children can double numbers under 10 fluently, they can strengthen this understanding by working on part-part-whole models, visualizing a sum (whole) being made up of small parts.