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Add Numbers using Pictures with Sum less than 10

- Year 2 Maths

Children touched upon the basics of addition in Grade K through the concept of counting all. Building on their prior understanding, this fun addition interactive worksheet lets first graders add numbers by counting all through pictures. 

What’s inside?

- Count pictures to find the total number of objects.

- Associate numbers with the number of objects in a group to understand addition.

Real-World Application

Children perform single-digit addition as (or probably more!) often as we do. They figure out the total number of toy cars they have when they add a couple more to their collection. They compute the total number of chocolates they need for, say, three cousins and five friends by counting all. It helps to remind them that in arriving at these numbers, they’re actually adding.

What’s next?

Now that first graders can add numbers using pictures, they can learn to represent addition as addition sentences.