Grade 3 Math App

Fun educational math app for 6 - 8 years old

Get your children ready for a fun-filled ride through the third grade curriculum. Child collects super-splashies and accolades from the super-crab as he breezes through 16 chapters in the Grade 3 curriculum. After completing this, the child is sure to ace any standardized exam.

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Key Features

  • Real-time reports to monitor child’s progress

  • Fun games for better engagement

  • Common Core aligned content for Grade 3

  • Multi-device access Chromebooks, iPad, PCs & Laptops

What do parents say about us?


I got the grade 1 and 3 for my sons and they're fantastic! Both boys not only improved their math skills, but they love doing the work! They even 'play' on the game without being asked to! Thanks so much!

- Teachin' Mom

Best math app for 3rd grade

Great graphics, fun and challenging, pictures add to understanding of math concepts, very user friendly.

- Mishyque

Best math workbook ever

Unlike some math apps that are basically games, with a few math facts thrown in, this app is a true workbook cleverly disguised in bright colors and with a fun fish tank reward system after each quiz. It thoroughly covers everything at grade level.

- z-dude

Great way to prevent learning loss

SplashLearn has been fantastic for my daughter! We started about a year ago because she adores math and wanted more practice than she received through her school homework. The fun graphics and encouraging responses make it entertaining to try new math skills. It is thrilling to see her teaching herself new materials!

- Parent of third grader

Topics Covered

  • Place Value

  • Number SenseCompare and order 4 digit number, round numbers to the nearest ten and hundred

  • AdditionFluently add three digit numbers

  • SubtractionFluently subtract three digit numbers

  • Four Digit AdditionAdd numbers within 10000

  • Four Digit SubtractionSubtract numbers within 10000

  • Multiplication FactsMultiply using pictures and models and practice multiplication facts up to 10

  • Division FactsDivide using pictures and models and practice multiplication facts up to 10

  • FractionsUnderstand fractions as parts of a whole, comparison and equivalence of fractions

  • TimeRead and set time, solves problems dealing with elapsed time

  • Measurements and DataWork units of weight and capacity, find area and perimeter of shapes, represent and interpret data in upto 5 categories

  • GeometryIdentify various types of triangles and quadrilaterals

  • DecimalsWork with decimal equivalents of tenths and hundredths

  • MultiplicationEstimate products and multiply two or three digit numbers by 1 digit numbers

  • DivisionEstimate quotients and divide two or three digit numbers by 1 digit numbers

  • MoneySolve problems involving addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of money amounts