Grade 2 Math App

Fun educational math app for 5 - 7 years old

This app has everything your child needs to learn in a fun and engaging way. It covers complete Grade 2 curriculum with 13 chapters. It comes with a virtual aquarium where the child can earn fishes and play mini-games.

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Key Features

  • Real-time reports to monitor child’s progress

  • Fun games for better engagement

  • Common Core aligned content for Grade 2

  • Multi-device access Chromebooks, iPad, PCs & Laptops

What do parents say about us?

Fun way to practice 2nd grade math skills

My daughter really enjoys SplashLearn. This app is a great way for her to practice her math skills--with no complaining! She has fun and learning at the same time. Great app!

- TaeyaGirl

Great app for homeschooling

This has been a fun distraction from our normal math workbook. My 7 year old second grader really enjoys playing math splash and I have learned a few math terms too.

- lxmanning

Great app for Math Practice

I love this app for my second grader. I love that it shows you their grade level and their progress. We have the kindergarten app as well and plan to purchase the 3rd grade app soon!

- armygreenmama

Better math program - using for 3 years now

We've been using SplashLearn since my 2nd grader was in Kindergarten. I'm pretty confident he's one of the better math students in his class.

- Parent of a second grader

Topics Covered

  • Place ValueExtend place value understanding to hundreds place. Read and write three digit numbers in various forms

  • Number SenseCompare and order three digit numbers. Practice skip counting and recognize even/odd numbers

  • Add within 20Fluently add within 20 including word problems

  • Subtract within 20Fluently subtract within 20 including word problems

  • Add within 100Use place value understanding to add two digit numbers

  • Subtract within 100Use place value understanding to subtract two digit numbers

  • Add within 1000Add two three digit numbers based on concepts of place value and using models

  • Subtract within 1000Subtraction involving two three digit numbers based on concepts of place value and using models

  • TimeRead and set time to 5 minutes using analog and digital clocks

  • MoneyWork with money coins to count money and solve problems involving money amounts

  • MeasurementsMeasure and estimate lengths of objects in customary and metric units

  • DataRepresent and interpret data in up to 4 categories using line plots, picture graphs and bar graphs

  • GeometryIdentify two dimensional shapes including pentagons and hexagons, partition shapes into halves, thirds and fourths