Grade 1 Math App

Fun educational math app for 4-6 years old.

Your child is getting into first grade? Splash Math - Grade 1 offers comprehensive content and cool interactive problems to keep your first grader hooked. Splash Math is all you need to give him practice through the year.

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Key Features

  • Real-time reports to monitor child’s progress

  • Fun games for better engagement

  • Common Core aligned content for Grade 1

  • Multi-device access Chromebooks, iPad, PCs & Laptops

What do parents say about us?

Awesome math app for homeschoolers

This is one of the best apps I've seen. It is very comprehensive and meets state standards. I use it to supplement my lessons for my children. They also think it is a lot of fun. Love it. Thank you.

- Turn2learn

My 1st grader loves this app

We started with the lite practice version and she loved it so much she needed more of a challenge. We bought the entire package! She plays just so she can build her aquarium, I say plays when in reality she is learning and thoroughly enjoying herself.

- 93924Stud

Useful & educational grade 1 math app

Great app to start for my 7 years old son. It helps him to improve his math skills to the expert. As a teacher and parent I love this series of math practice apps. It adjusts to a students level and is engaging.

- Leolady79

A great math practice workbook

I love this 1st grade app because it works like a workbook would. It allows you to customize and also emails you the results in details.This app adjusts to the needs of the child. There is no limit of time so the child can do it at their own pace. There is so much covered in this app that the child will not get bored.

- Uniquely Dina

Topics Covered

  • AdditionAdd numbers within 20 using various methods with the help of pictures and models

  • SubtractionSubtract numbers within 20 using various methods with the help of pictures and models

  • Advanced AdditionAdd three numbers within 20 and solve word problems involving addition

  • Advanced SubtractionSubtract to compare and solve word problems involving subtraction

  • Mixed OperationsFact families and missing numbers in addition and subtraction equation

  • Place ValueWork with basic concepts of place value involving amounts of tens and ones in two digit numbers

  • Counting and ComparisonCount to 120 and compare and order numbers two digit numbers based understanding of place value

  • TimeRead and set time in hours and half-hours using clocks

  • MeasurementsMeasure lengths of objects using smaller objects and order three objects based on length

  • Addition FactsAdd 1, 2, 3...9 to another number

  • Subtraction FactsSubtract 1, 2, 3...9 from another number

  • Data and GraphsAnalyze and organize data in up to three categories using charts and picture graphs

  • GeometryRecognize shapes based on defining attributes and partition circle and rectangles into halves and fourths

  • MoneyIdentify coins and their values and count money using coins