Grade 5 Math App

Fun educational math app for 9 - 12 years old

Splash Math is a fun and innovative way to practice math. With 9 chapters covering an endless supply of problems, it is by far the most comprehensive math workbook in the app store.

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Key Features

  • Real-time reports to monitor child’s progress

  • Fun games for better engagement

  • Common Core aligned content for Grade 5

  • Multi-device access Chromebooks, iPad, PCs & Laptops

What do parents say about us?

As a teacher, I love this program for my children

My two girls, ages 5 and 8, use SplashLearn every day to practice math skills. As a teacher, I love that the program gives multiple practice of math skills across a variety of different skill sets, including graphs, addition, subtraction, and money... The girls never argue about doing their math homework because they think it is fun!

- Cirillo Michele

My kid has fun playing, and didn't realize she's been learning!

SplashLearn has many ways of asking the same thing, which helps in better overall understanding. Tracks progress and sends weekly reports with areas that need work.

- Parent of fifth grader

Topics Covered

  • Place ValueGeneralize place value understanding to decimals to the thousandths place

  • Number SenseCompare, Order and Round decimal numbers

  • AlgebraWrite and evaluate number expressions, work with Number Patterns

  • MultiplicationFluently multiply up to three digit numbers by two digit numbers

  • DivisionDivide by two digit numbers

  • FractionsAddition, Subtraction and Multiplication unlike fractions, division involving a fraction and a whole number

  • Decimal ArithmeticAddition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division involving decimals to the hundredths place

  • MeasurementsConvert quantities in one measurement unit to another within the same system of measurement

  • GeometryCoordinate planes and graphs, hierarchical classification of shapes, volumes of solids